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   THE LEGEND OF SIMURG Simurg means thirty bird in the Persian language. Simurg, the ruler of all the birds, lives on the branches of the knowledge tree and knew everything. All the birds around the world come together to see and feel the extraordinary beauty of Simurg. They gather and set off on the journey. There are seven valleys on the way to their final destination: Wish, Love, Mastery, Bleeding, Loneliness, Confusion, and Absence. Most of the birds perish in these valleys. When they come to the “extinction” valley, only thirty of them remain. When these remaining thirties come to their mug, they encounter a mirror. When they see themselves in the mirror, they realize that they are all a Simurg. When these thirty saw that Simurg was themselves, there was nothing left; neither a passenger nor a guide. The names of the Simurg legend in other cultures; Syenah, Phoenix, Zümrüd-ü Anka, Kerkes, Dumrul, Tuğrul, Hoama, Rukh, Sirenk, Hüma, Bülbül-ü Anka, Senmurw (Pehlevi), Sina-mrü (Pazand).

401 Floor Lamp

SKU: 401
  • Height  : 30  cm 
    Width   : 48  cm 
    Depth   : - cm 
    Weight  :  2,50  kg

    Max watt and Lamps: e 27 * 220 v  

    (Lamps Not Included):

    Products are manufactured according to special orders and numbers.

  • Hand Made

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