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   Bear in Turkish Mythology

Bear is a word that comes to mean “a creator, procreant and refresher” in Siberia in a reference to Gods and Goddess. Additionally, it was considered as an ancestor by some Turkish communities.

In Anatolia, there were lots of foretell about a bear that abducts a girl and makes her its wife, who then gives birth to a bear-human. The girl’s relatives killed the bear, but she mourned with her children for the bear.

110 Table Light

SKU: 110
  • Height  : 70 cm 
    Width   : 35 cm 
    Depth   : 16 cm 
    Weight  : 12,50  kg

    Max watt and Lamps : e27*220v    

    (Lamps Not Included):

    Products are manufactured according to special orders and numbers.

  • Hand Made

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