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            History ;

             Siyez, a wild wheat, which is a form of einkorn wheat or triticum monococcum or triticum boeoticum, was specified and cultivated nearly 10.000 year ago in the Near East. After DNA analyzes, Max Planck Enstitute in Germany detected that wild einkorn wheat (einkorn-Triticum monococcum subsp. boeoticum) which was found in piedmonts of Karacadag is ancestor of all einkorn wheats that is used in agriculture.  Besides, it was understood that ancestor of durum wheat (triticum diccocoides, emmer wheat) is grown in this mountain Karacadağ.

202 Wall Sconce

SKU: 202
  • Height  : 40 cm 
    Width   : 40 cm 
    Depth   : 9 cm 
    Weight  : 4,30  kg

    Max watt and Lamps  : e14*220v LED

    (Lamps Not Included):

    Products are manufactured according to special orders and numbers.

  • Hand Made

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