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Mim is the sixteenth letter of the Turkish alphabet, the thirteenth letter of the ebced calculation and the Phoenician alphabet. This letter’s number value is 40 in the calculation of ebced (cummel). In the Phoenician alphabet, its name means "water". The letter turns into a shape in “mem” in enrâmîce and İbrânîce, “mu” in Greek, is said as a “mim” in Arabic. Arab linguists note that this word means "wine, lifetime (gathering) and gathering". It is assumed that the wavy line (~), which is the symbol of water in the hieroglyphic was born and developed in alphabet and Eastern art, and takes the form of a bun in Arabic alphabet, and the tail ridge symbolizing the straight flow continues.

206 Wall Sconce

SKU: 206
  • Height  : 73 cm 
    Width   : 22 cm 
    Depth   : 9 cm 
    Weight  : 8,00  kg

    Max watt and Lamps: 2x e14 * 220v LED

    (Lamps Not Included):

    Products are manufactured according to special orders and numbers.

  • Hand Made

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